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Stop Data Leaks and Protect Your Business For The Typical Price Of Antivirus

Sorrin IT, Apr 21, 2022

Cyber criminals love themselves some data.

We live in a time where algorithms know us almost as well as our closest friends. And our identities can be translated into computer code.

It seems there’s a report of password leaks and data theft almost daily nowadays. The issue of security is greater now than ever before.

But protecting our data doesn’t need to be complicated or difficult.

Virtually every laptop or computer includes built-in encryption but the lack of central management (or if someone forgets to turn it on) makes it’s time consuming and impractical when managing multiple users and dozens of laptops, especially for businesses using remote workers.

Here’s the thing, without full disk encryption all of your data is at risk. So at risk in fact that I’ll share with you how easily this can be done.

Your Grandmother could steal what’s on your laptop.

It’s that easy to do.

So how can business protect their data, files and information?

Well, that’s what I want to highlight today.

Here’s a few reasons why ESET Endpoint Encryption from Sorrin IT is the leading product for protecting data and securing company devices.



1. If Grandma Steals It, You’ll Know

Not that she’d probably want to, I’m sure she has better things to do.

The point I’m making here is about the default encryption software built-in on Windows or Mac devices.

For Windows computers this is called BitLocker and for Mac, it’s FileVault. The thing is, until a user switches these encryption features on, your computer is in a decrypted state. So, if an undesirable were to steal your laptop from the office or the boot of your car, all they would need to do is this:

Unscrew the back, take out the hard drive, plug it in to a USB adaptor and voila!

They now have unfiltered access to your data, all of it.

By doing this, they can bypass all of your well thought out thirty-character passwords in an instant.

Now, if you head into the laptop settings and turn on your designated encryption software for Windows or Mac, it will encrypt the drive and make it unreadable. And whilst the stock encryption protection offered here works well, the main drawback is that there are no central management or recovery controls.

Each user would be responsible for their own device and/or an IT administrator would have to constantly monitor individual devices in person, on the physical computer or laptop.

It’s a hassle and mighty time-consuming. Especially for businesses that may have 20, 50 or even 100 computers and laptops either in the office or better yet, spread remotely across the country.

Enter, ESET Endpoint Encryption from Sorrin IT.

What this product offers is not only full disk encryption of a hard drive but it makes life easy for administrators with its single pane of glass cloud-based central console.

This means ESET EEE can be deployed, activated and encrypt devices in a matter of clicks at any time all from the console as well as tracking logins and other useful features.


2. Access On a Need To Know Basis

For those of us managing larger teams, ESET EEE from Sorrin IT is perfect for setting specific access for all of their departments.

Let’s say you have a Sales team, Middle Management and Senior Management.

You don’t necessarily want everybody having access to the same data or content.

Maybe there’s sensitive company data like accounts information that only the higher-ups are privy to or customer lead generation info that only the sales team needs.

With ESET Endpoint Encryption from Sorrin IT, you can control exactly who sees what.

This could be an email meant only for company directors or a set of images intended for the marketing department.

Whatever the case, ESET EEE allows the sender to encrypt individual files, folders or emails and they can only be opened or accessed by the intended recipient.

This feature is a step beyond full disk encryption and cannot be found in the stock encryption on Windows or Mac.

Further to this, a central control system makes it easy for administrators to tick encryption on or off and track device logins for extra security, all of which can be done remotely, out of office.

When employees depart the company it makes it easy to remove their access and when new starters come on board, licences can be added in an instant.

And for companies who have partially or fully switched over to remote working, with stock encryption there’s no way of knowing whether the laptop is secure or who is accessing company data.

In this scenario, monitoring encryption manually would be impossible and you run the unnecessary risk of data leakage or theft.


3. Compliance Is Compulsory

If you’re operating a business in Ireland or anywhere in the EU then you’ll need to be taking measures to stay compliant with regulations laid out by the European Parliament, Council and Commission.

We’re talking GDPR now.The General Data Protection Regulations that businesses must adhere to so that they comply with customer data laws.

IT solutions from Sorrin IT, like ESET Endpoint Encryption, give the right security for all of a company’s sensitive, private and personal data.

Irrespective of legislation, it’s peace of mind too.

There’s no sense in risking massive breaches of data and leaks when it can all be averted so easily.

Additionally, having high levels of encryption also means that in the event of a cyber attack, your business would not have to report the breach in the stipulated 72 hours and inform all of your customers.

This is because the encryption is so sophisticated and secure that the data cannot be read or interpreted, so it essentially doesn’t count as a “leak”.

Which is great for your business and even better for your customers.

Prepare For The Best, Plan For The Worst

If you’ve read this far then it’s a no-brainer as to how and why ESET

Endpoint Encryption from Sorrin IT is a fantastic product and offers unmatched peace of mind.

We’ve outlined just a few key benefits here but there’s a great deal more that is offered all of which serves to protect and secure your business’s needs.

And when Sorrin IT can offer this enhanced safety for as little as €45 per device, the typical cost of Antivirus software, the choice is clear.

Get in touch with Sorrin IT today to discuss your needs.


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